"Your services were disabled" Error


Why am I getting the "Your services were disabled" error while running a query on Azure SQL Database?

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You are getting the "Your services were disabled" error, because you have reached the spending limit configured on your Azure subscription.

For example, let's assume that your subscription has a $1,000.00 monthly spending limit configured your Azure administrator, and you are running a number of Azure services in several resource groups.

Since Azure is using a pay-per-use model, and you have used a large amount Azure services earlier in the month, in the middle of the month, the cost of services you have used may reaches the $1,000.00 limit. Then Azure will disable all services in all resource groups under your subscription. When this happens, you will get the following error while running a query on Azure SQL Database:

Your services were disabled on May 10, 2019 because you’ve reached the 
monthly Azure spending limit provided by your Visual Studio subscription 
benefit. To keep using Azure, either...

Don't panic when this happens. You are losing any data in the database. Just take one of the following options:

  • Ask your Azure administrator to increase your monthly spending limit.
  • Don't do anything and wait for the next month to continue your work.

You also need to reviews services in each resource groups under your Azure subscription and delete any services that you are using them anymore to avoid this happens again next month.


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