Test Script Coding with Web Page Objects


How to write test script code with Web page objects? I have captured enough objects with Object Spy.

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You can follow these suggestions when writing test script code with Web page objects:

1. Use the following code to access a specific browser object:

objBrowser = Browser(browser_name)

'For example: 
objBrowser = Browser("Browser")

2. Use the following code to access a specific Web page object under a browser object:

objPage = objBrowser.Page(page_name)

'For example:
objPage = objBrowser.Page("FYI Center for SQA")

3. Use the following code to access a specific Web element object under a Web page object based on element types:

'For <input> element type:
objElement = objPage.WebEdit(element_name)

'For <img> element type:
objElement = objPage.Image(element_name)

'For <a> element type:
objElement = objPage.Link(element_name)

4. Use action methods on objects to interact with objects:

'Use Set() method to set value to a <input> element

'Use click() method to trigger the browser to follow a hyperlink

'Use click() method can also be used on clickable images

Here is a good example of test script code using Web page objects captured in previous tutorials.

SystemUtil.Run "chrome.exe", "http://sqa.fyicenter.com"

Browser("Browser").Page("FYI Center for SQA").WebEdit("Q").Set("JMeter") 
Browser("Browser").Page("FYI Center for SQA").Link("Submit").click


If you run the above script, it will start Chrome with the test Web page loaded. Then it will enter "JMeter" in the search box and click the Submit image button.


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