What Are Environment Variables in UFT


What Are Environment Variables in UFT?

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Environment variables in UFT are information about the execution environment of the test script. Environment variables are accessible using the built-in object method: Environment.Value(variable_name).

Environment variables are divided into 3 categories:

1. Built-In Environment Variables - Built-In Environment Variables are defined by UFT to provide you information about the operating system where the UFT is running and the current test script context.

Examples of Built-In Environment Variables:

' Returns the operating system version where the UFT is running. 

' Returns the name of the current UFT test you are running.

2. User-Defined Environment Variables - User-Defined Environment Variables are defined by you through the test configuration, environment variable files, or VBscript codes. User-Defined Environment Variables are usually used as parameters to control your test.

Examples of User-Defined Environment Variables:

Environment.Value("URL") = "http://sqa.fyicenter.com"
' Sets up a User-Defined Environment Variable at the beginning of the script.

SystemUtil.Run "chrome.exe", Environment.Value("URL")
' Uses the User-Defined Environment Variable later in the script.


List of Built-in Environment Variables in UFT

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Developing Test Script Code

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