Enter Script Statement in UFT Test


How to enter script statements in a UFT test?

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Test script statements in UFT are organized into multiple actions.

By default, when a new UFT test is created, an empty default Action is created and named as "Action1".

You can follow these steps to open "Action1" and enter some script statements:

1. Click "File > New > Test..." menu and select "GUI Test" to create a new test in UFT.

2. Click and open the test in the Solution Explorer pane. You see "Action1" included in the test.

3. Double-click on "Action1" to open it. Then enter a valid VBScript statement like this one:

MsgBox("Hello world!") 

4. This statement tells UFT to display a message dialog box on the screen.

The following picture shows you how to enter script statements in UFT test:
Enter Script Statement in UFT Test


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