UFT Reference Documents


Where to find UFT reference documents?

✍: FYIcenter.com


You can find UFT reference documents at the Unified Functional Testing Help Center. It provides the following documents:

Get started with UFT.

UFT Tutorials:

  • Introducing Unified Functional Testing - Learn general testing concepts and basics about navigating UFT.
  • Analyze your application and creating tests - Learn about our demo flight reservation application, and start by creating a UFT solution.
  • Create and running automated GUI tests - Learn to create and run automated GUI tests using our demo flight reservation application. It also covers parameterization, checkpoints, output values, function libraries, and Insight.
  • Create and run automated API tests - Learn how to create and run automated API tests on Web and REST services, and WADLs.
  • Creating and Running GUI and API Tests in a Single Test - Learn how to combine your GUI and API tests into a single automation test.

FAQs for GUI Testing.

Object Model for GUI Testing.

VBScript Reference.


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