UFT Test Result Files


Where are UFT test result files are located? I have just finished a test run.

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You can follow this tutorial to view locations of UFT test result files.

1. Open your test in UFT and run it.

2. Wait for the test to finish.

3. Open Windows Explorer and go to the Test location. For example, "\fyicenter\UFT\Tests\First Test". You see multiple test result folders like Res1, Res2, etc.

4. Open one test result folder, you see the following files:

Directory of C:\fyicenter\UFT\Tests\First Test\Res1
├─── Mediainfo.in (116 bytes)
└─── Report
     ├─── Default.xls (4,096 bytes)
     ├─── run_results.html (341,028 bytes)
     ├─── run_results.xml (1,976 bytes)
     ├─── test_data_src.js (156 bytes)
     ├─── Icons
     └─── Resources
          ├─── Results.css (6,127 bytes)
          └─── CheckPoints


Using "Run Results Viewer"

View Test Result in UFT

Using UFT (Unified Functional Testing)

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