Test Run Data Object type


What is a simple data object type for test run?

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Here is a simple data object type for test runs.

Test_Run data type, in TestMan version 1.00, properties:

  • ID - Identification of this test run.
  • Name - A short name for this test run.
  • Success - A Boolean flag indicating if this test run was successful or not.
  • Timestamp - A timestamp of when this test run was started.
  • Duration - The duration to measure how long it took to finish this test run.
  • Total Cases - Number of total test cases where executed during this test run.
  • Failed Cases - Number of test cases were failed in this test run.
  • Test Cases - Child object for a list of test cases were executed in this test run.
  • Description - A long description of this test run including the test objective.
  • Reference - A reference number for an external resource.

Examples of Test_Run object:

  ID: 111
  Name: Facebook Portal V2 First Test Run
  Success: True
  Timestamp: 2022-12-22 00:00:00
  Duration: 1000*60*60*24 milliseconds
  Total: 500
  Failed: 0
  Description: First test run on the V2 portal in the QA environment
  Reference: RUN_ONE
  Cases: [Test_Run_Case]


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