What Is Software Test Run


What Is Software Test Run?

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A software test run is an execution instance of a test plan. A test run should contain information about when, where and who performed the execution, how each test cases were performed, and results of each test cases performed.

Key elements of a test run are:

  • Target - Provides information about installation instances of the software product being targeted by this test run.
  • Result - Provides information about the result of this test run. Is it passed or failed?
  • When and how long - Provides date and time information about this test run.
  • Who - Provides information about testers who performed this test run.
  • What - Provides information about computers or devices used to performed this test run.
  • Test Cases - Provides information about what test cases are used, in what sequence they are executed, and execution result of each test case.


Designing Test Run Data Model

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