Test Run Case Step Assertion Data Object Type


What is a simple data object type for test run case step Assertions to support a test run case step?

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A test run case step assertion records the result of a single test case step assertion performed during the execution of a test step.

Here is a simple data object type for test case step assertions.

Test_Case_Step_Input data type, in TestMan version 1.00, properties:

  • ID - Identification of this test run case step assertion.
  • Test_Run_Case_Step_ID - Reference to the test run case step data object.
  • Test_Case_Step_Assertion_ID - Reference to the test case step assertion object.
  • Name - A short name for this test run case step assertion, copied from the test case step assertion.
  • Success - A Boolean flag indicating if this test step assertion was successful or not.
  • Expectation - Value or description of what is expected.
  • Behavior -
  • Value or description of what actually happened.

Examples of Test_Run_Case_Step_Assertion object:

	ID: 666
	Test_Run_Case_Step_ID: 555
	Test_Case_Step_Assertion: 555
	Name: Show Home Page
	Expectation: Show home page
	Result: Server crashed


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