Download and Install Apache JMeter


How to Download and Install Apache JMeter on my Windows computer?



If you want to try Apache JMeter, you follow this tutorial to download and install JMeter on your Windows computer.

1. Go to Apache JMeter Website.

2. Click "Download Releases" on the left menu. You see the download page.

3. Click on "" in the "Binaries" section in initiate the download.

4. Save the download file to your computer like: \fyicenter\ (54,742,712 bytes).

5. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder like \fyicenter\jmeter

6. Make sure you JDK 1.8 installed.

7. Verify JMeter installation by the running the following command in the command window:

C:\fyicenter>\fyicenter\jmeter\bin\jmeter -v
3.3 r1808647

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