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Trying to create a datadriven tests ...

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118.Trying to create a datadriven tests ...

Trying to create a datadriven tests. Placed the .xls file in a data folder. The script should connect to the .xls file, open the file, read the contents in the .xls file and fill the form with the values. I have written some steps using the Help guide. Its not working i get errors Can any one suggest me the list of steps and in which folder these steps should go.
The following error:
C:\Program Files\Segue\SilkTest\examples\frame .inc(2): Window class BrowserChild is not defined or ambiguous
Database connectivity - Found word(s) list error in the Text body
the following error now:
Error: Variable (frmCompanyName) has not been set
Also I did the variable declaration as follows
[-] testcase DD_Test1 (REC_DATALIST_DD_Test1 rData)
[ ] STRING frmCompanyName
[ ] STRING Phone
[ ] STRING Contact
[ ] STRING Title
[ ] STRING Insights
[ ] STRING CoInsights

This looks like more of a scoping issue in Silktest than a problem with any DB connection to an excel file. Since I am heading out the door in just a few, I will have to take a closer look at this tommorow but typically, my data driven scripts are structured sort of like:
[ ] //this reads the data from the spreadsheet and then iterates
[ ] use "P:\Silk\au\includes\"
[ ]
[-] main()
[ ] STRING sFirstName, sLastName, sAddress, sEmail, sComment, sExpected, sItem
[ ] INTEGER iCase, iPF, iRun
[ ] LIST OF STRING lsCases
[ ] STRING sQuery = "Select * from `Sheet1$`"
[ ] //open spreadsheet:

[ ] hDB = DB_connect ("DRIVER=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls);DBQ=P:\QA\Release\11.1\AU\Automation\contact_validation_words11_ 1.xls; READONLY=FALSE")
[ ] hSQL = DB_ExecuteSQL(hDB, sQuery)
[-] while DB_FetchNext(hSQL, iCase, sFirstName, sLastName, sAddress, sEmail, sComment, sExpected, iPF, iRun)
[ ] //print("{iCase} {sFirstName} {sLastName} {sAddress} {sEmail} {iRun}")
[-] if iRun == 1
[ ] ListAppend(lsCases, "{iCase}|{sFirstName}|{sLastName}|{sAddress}|{sEmail}|{sComment}|{sExpec ted}|{iPF}|{iRun}")
[ ]
[ ] DB_FinishSql (hSQL)
[ ]
[-] for each sItem in lsCases
[ ] TestContactInfo(sItem, hDB)
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] DB_Disconnect(hDB)
[ ]
[-] testcase TestContactInfo(STRING sTest, HANDLE hDB optional)
[ ] //logic to feed the functions and methods to run the cases and determine pass/fail.
[ ] //can even write results to the same excel file, if need be.
And of course, there are going to be plenty of people out there with var. setups (plans, suites...)

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