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How to write a Masterplan?

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108. How to write a Masterplan?

Yes, you can run all your sub-plans using master plan approach.
You just open new plan file and call your subplan/testcase from this file.
if you want to run subplan from master plan then sysntax is like
include: mysubplan.pln

1. Open your master plan,
2. You can mark the neccessary subplans.
3. Run the marked one from Master Plan
How to mark the subplans
1. select the entire line of subplan in the master plan (ex. include:
2. goto TestPlan menu -> select "mark" in that.
3. like this mark all the neccessary sub plans in the Master Plan.
4. goto Run menu -> select "Run marked tests".
that's it, silk will just run the marked subplans only... in the final
result file you can easily make out the color differnece .. which plan runned .. which one not runned..

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