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I have recently encounterd a problem using Silk Test V3 ...

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8. I have recently encounterd a problem using Silk Test V3 ...

I have recently encounterd a problem using Silk Test V3. When I record selecting a Menu Item it correctly records eg. Product.File.Exit.Pick()
But when I play it back it just selects the File Menu and fails to select Exit. The File Menu is not dropped, it is just highlighted.
The application is written in Visual C++ and is running on NT 4.
A couple if the menu items to work but that is about 2 out of 15 items. I can work around the problem using the menu short cut keys but would prefer to be simulating using the mouse in some test cases. Any ideas?

I have run into this problem before and it turned out to be a focus problem in the AUT. First, we need to understand how QAP/Silk selects menu items. It doesn't really use the mouse. It uses the key to highlight the menu bar and then arrows to the desired menu item. Try something out: Drive your application to the state before the menu selection. Now manually type F-10 or Alt and see if the menu highlights and allows you to arrow to the menu item. I'm guessing that it is probably a ChildWin or DialogBox that is really holding the focus and not passing the keyboard events to the MainWin. If this is the case, you need to explain to the developers that they need to enable this so that you can continue with your automated testing. A trick around this problem is to do a YourProduct.Click () to force the focus to the MainWin and then do the menu selection (YourProduct.File.Exit.Pick())

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