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How to hide Password in the script file?

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109. How to hide Password in the script file?

In Winrunner, the password is recorded in the encrypted form but in Silk it is recorded as it is.....
Can't be done right within the script, but if you want to make a work around, you could read it in from a file.
If that's not good enough (the password would be stored in the file in plain text too), you could use a tool to encrypt the password and use that tool to decrypt it. You could then make a call to an external language (Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.) to do the heavy work of encrypting and decrypting the information and pass that through as a variable.
The problem is that whatever method you use to enter the password unencrypted into the login screen can also be used to just write it to a file.
Don't use your own account. Use a dummy, testing account.

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