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How record a test case into a testplan automatically?

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68. How record a test case into a testplan automatically?

Test cases can recorded first without a testplan, then included into a testplan later. Test cases can also be recorded into a testplan directly:

  1. Make sure your testplan is open.
  2. Enter a test descripption into your testplan. For example, "Test change password".
  3. Select this test description.
  4. Click Record/Testcase menu.
  5. Enter a name for the script file.
  6. Click Open. The Record Testcase dialog box shows up.
  7. Enter a testcase name in the Testcase Name field.
  8. Select DefaultBaseState in the Applicatin State dropdown list.
  9. Click Start Recording button.The Record Testcase dialog closes. Your Web application is will be automatically started by SilkTest, based on the information in test frame file. SilkTest Editor window closes. The Record Status dialog box shows up.
  10. Continue to use your Web application. SilkTest records everything you did on your application.
  11. Click the "Done" button on the Recording Status dialog box to stop recording. The Recording Status dialog box closes. The Record Testcase dialog box shows up again.
  12. Click Paste to Editor. SilkTest will insert the recorded acitivities as 4Test statements into a script file. The Record Testcase dialog closes.
  13. Click File/Save menu to save the script file. You can enter a script file name. For example, ChangePasswordTest.t.

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