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GMO OnLine Trouble?

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51. GMO OnLine Trouble?

GMO OnLine Trouble?
[I've already worked around the problem I'm having, but I'm curious know if anybody else has gotten this to work without a workaround.
This pertains to GMO Online.
I've tried using which came with SilkTest 5.0, and that was after my own declaration had problems.
The problems are:
1- The SameAs checkbox is non checkable?
2- The Fields on the ShipTo side give me problems even if I try to use the
3- SetText for HtmlTextFields has problems, where it does not set text sometimes, and others it leaves some of the old chars in there (like 0).
Now for my workarounds:
1- Used Keyboard (Tabs and Space)
2- I've changed the declaration tags to Index 1st then Caption Second for all the ShipXXX and BillXXX fields.
3- I've Over-Ridden SetText to do it twice for HtmlTextField class.]

Yes, I have seen this problem from time to time. In class, I most often insert a Tab key in between each line. I have not seen this problem (to the best of my recollection) when running Netscape 4.07 on NT. I haven't found out why this is happening though (if it's due to the agent, the GMO app, or the environment).

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