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When should I use SMART Identification?

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When should I use SMART Identification?

SMART Identification
Smart Identification is nothing but an algorithm used by QTP when it is not able to recognize one of the object. A very generic example as per the QTP manual would be, A photograph of a 8 year old girl and boy and QTP records identification properties of that girl when she was 8, now when both are 10 years old then QTP would not be able to recognize the girl. But there is something that is still the same, that is there is only one girl in the photograph. So it kind of PI (Programmed intelligence) not AI.

When should I use SMART Identification? Something that people don't think about too much. But the thing is that you should disable SI while creating your test cases. So that you are able to recognize the objects that are dynamic or inconsistent in their properties. When the script has been created, the SI should be enabled,so that the script does not fail in case of small changes. But the developer of the script should always check for the test results to verify if the SI feature was used to identify a object or not. Sometimes SI needs to be disabled for particular objects in the OR, this is advisable when you use

SetTOProperty to change any of the TO properties of an object and especially ordinal identifiers like index, location and creationtime.

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