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How can I make some rows colored in the data table?

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How can I make some rows colored in the data table?

Well you can't do it normally but you can use Excel COM API's do the same. Below code will explain some expects of Excel COM APIs

Set xlApp=Createobject("Excel.Application")
set xlWorkBook=xlApp.workbooks.add
set xlWorkSheet=xlWorkbook.worksheet.add
xlWorkSheet.Range("A1:B10").interior.colorindex = 34 'Change the color of the cells
xlWorkSheet.Range("A1:A10").value="text" 'Will set values of all 10 rows to "text"
xlWorkSheet.Cells(1,1).value="Text" 'Will set the value of first row and first col

rowsCount=xlWorkSheet.Evaluate("COUNTA(A:A)") 'Will count the # of rows which have non blank value in the column A
colsCount=xlWorkSheet.Evaluate("COUNTA(1:1)") 'Will count the # of non blank columns in 1st row

xlWorkbook.SaveAs "C:\Test.xls"
Set xlWorkSheet=Nothing
Set xlWorkBook=Nothing
set xlApp=Nothing

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