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What's QuickTest Professional (QTP Window?

QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers

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What's QuickTest Professional (QTP Window?

Before you begin creating tests, you should familiarize yourself with the main QuickTest window.
The QuickTest window contains the following key elements:
. Title bar—Displays the name of the currently open test.
. Menu bar—Displays menus of QuickTest commands.
. File toolbar—Contains buttons to assist you in managing your test.
. Testing toolbar—Contains buttons to assist you in the testing process.
. Debug toolbar—Contains buttons to assist you in debugging tests.
. Test pane—Contains the Keyword View and Expert View tabs.
. Active Screen—Provides a snapshot of your application as it appeared when you performed a certain step during the recording session.
. Data Table—Assists you in parameterizing your test.
. Debug Viewer pane—Assists you in debugging your test. The Debug Viewer pane contains the Watch Expressions, Variables, and Command tabs. (The Debug Viewer pane is not displayed when you open QuickTest for the first time. You can display the Debug Viewer by choosing View < Debug Viewer.)
. Status bar—Displays the status of the QuickTest application.

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