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QuickTest Pro Questions Only (1)

1. how many maximum actions can be performed in a single test
2. How to create the dynamic object repository in QTP?
3. What is difference between global sheet anh action sheet?
4. How to pass parameters from one action to another action.
5. How to perform Cross platform testing and Cross browser testing using QTP?Can u explain giving some exampl
6. how to connect the database through QTP
7. How to open multiple instances of an application from QTP? 2. How to recognize each instance and setting
8. This is the chain of question#: 15434What conditions we go for Reusable Scripts and how we create and
9. Can we call QTP test from another test using scripting.Suppose there are 4 tests and i want to call these
10. Is it possible to test a web application(java) with winrunner?otherwise is it possible to check with
11. How can we insert Text check point and Bit map check point ? if provide example script, it is greatefu
12. Can we mask a Code In .vbs file so that it is not viewable to others?
13. Is there any function to double click a particular row in a webtable?
14. what is the use of command tab in Debug viewer ?can we execute any user defined queries
15. What is Analog recording,What is the difference between analog recording and low level recording
16. what is database check point.
17. What is the use of function and sub function in QTP?
18. What is the new Version of QTP which is recently released in the Market?
19. How to call a funtion present in dll file in QTP Script.
20. I have n iterations of test run in QTP. I want to see the results of not only the latest (‘n’th) iteration
21. How to call from one action to another action in QTP?
22. What is the Difference Between Bit map Check point & Image Check pointPlease explain in detailText &
23. How can we do block commenting in QTP?
24. How to get the column count and column name from resultset in database connction program?
25. 1. How to write QTP scripts?2. Any related website resource to learn QTP?3. What steps the to be follwed
26. How to check an XML schema (XML Schema Validation--from XML file)? Ttell me about .XSD file format.
27. How to schedule tests in QTP?
28. Is Addins enough to work in Flex based applications? or do we have to get a licence for multimedia for
29. how to identify a 'web element' class object while recording and running in 'Event' mode of settings.
30. What are the new features available in QTP 8.2 compared with earlier versions?
31. Hi forum. Could any body tell me what is AMDOCS, and what are its models ? Best regrds.
32. What is difference between window(" ") and dialog(" ") in QTP while creating script?
33. How do you retrieve the Class name of a Test Object programmatically from within a script?
34. What is the best way to test UNIX (QTP, Winrunner or Xrunner)? If QTP supports let me know the brief
35. What is the Recovery Scenerio can apllied for any telephone line connection(Ex:BSNl,Airtel etc
36. what are advantages and disadvantages between internet explorer and netscape navigator (or) Internet
37. Anybody with an experience of testing Mainframe applications. I usually check the ActiveX and VB add-ins
38. Difference Between text and Textarea checkpoints in QTP
39. How to Handle dynamic WebList in QTP...Values in Weblist are different
40. What is the Hotkey that can be used for Hitting spacebar?
41. We are trying to avoid that anybody see our script after we wrote it. Did anybody know how to do this?
42. how can i insert database checkpoint in qtp-6.5
43. What are different execution modes available in QTP & explain them.
44. How can we recognize objects in Flex application using QTP? When I record scripts, it takes all objects
45. For the AS/400 application that takes data only thru the keyboard input and not even single mouse click
46. How to write QTP test results to an Excel application
47. How to write recovery scenario for below questions and what are the steps we will follow?if i click
48. If winrunner and QTP both are functional testing tools from the same company.why a separate tool QTP
49. How do we test Links using Quick Test Professional and confirm that the page we are requesting is seen
50. How do you test DLL files using QTP?
51. After importing external .xls datasheet in to Datatable of QTP, How to set NO of iterations run for
52. How to test Dynamic web pages using QTP
53. How to record Flex (1.0) objects using QTP?Post the code which works for this.
54. Advantage of using Mercury Quality Center over Test Director
55. How do we connect to Oracle database from QTP ?
56. Can any one pls tell me about how to configure the environment variables in qtp and how to use the variables
57. What is the process for creating an automated test script using QTP assuming you have reviewed the manual
58. How to use a data driver in QTP?
59. What is the method used to focus on particuler field.I need the script.I will give example.I flights
60. 1)what is the advantage and disadvantage of using Virtual Object wizard?2) How efficiently we can use
61. Without recording objects in Object Repository are we able to run scripts?
62. Can we call a QTP script from a main script without making it reusable?
63. wat is xml schema validation and how to perform schema validation for a file.wat is *.XSD extention
64. Can any body expalin me the differences between a reusable and a external action with example?
65. I need information on using FSO(file system object) also its significance
66. How to Run a script recorded in English flavor of my application and re-run the same script on different
67. How to write QTP test results to an Excel application, Please provide the exact code if possible ASAPThanks
68. What are the limitations for XML Checkpoints in QTP 8.0?
69. how good is QTP for testing siebel applications?whether QTP recognizes siebel objects or something else
70. How do I use text checkpoint in QTP as everytime I use this checkpoint in the excel sheet and highlight
71. How is automation used in QTP for regreession testing. Please give me a sample script.
72. Anybody explain me, the concept of checkpoint declaration in the QTP mainly for the Objects, Pages, Text
73. How can we validate the PDF file recognization and its content with the help of Mercury product QTP(Quick
74. What is Expert view in QTP?Can you explain with example?
75. What is the best way to do regression testing using QTP.
76. what is the use functions in QTP. public, private
77. How can we return values from userdefined function? anybody provide code with small example its great
78. how to retrive/update database by writing code in expert viewIn my case database is Accessmy dsn name="try"database
79. How can I import and/or merge an existing repository into my current test?
81. Hi,I was set the repository as per test mode and recorded my script. Now I wana to change the repository
82. What are Limitation of QTP?
83. what is difference between stub and driver?
84. What is meant by Source Control?
85. What is descriptive programming?
86. how to automate editing an XML file .because when i record the editing on an XML file and run it,some
87. What are the disadvantages or drawbacks in QTP?
88. 1. Each test that you run is displayed into the screen ... I'm looking for a way to run a test in background
89. I have faced one question in interviewhe has given one screen with one bitmap and one edit box.The original
90. What qt plus ? How we merge the files in qtp?What is feasibility study in automation?
91. when a script is recorded in quick test for connecting 10 rows in the database, can we change script
92. How do you test siebel application using qtp?
93. How to get Traceability matrix from TD?
94. How to import a test case present in ".xls" file to TD under a Test set?
95. How to attach a file to TD?
96. What do you to script when objects are removed from application?
97. How do you data drive an external spreadsheet?
98. Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project?
99. How long have you used the product?
100. How to get "FontSize" of a "WebEdit"?
101. Is there anyway to automatically update the Datasource name in Database Checkpoints object when we migrate tests to a new release?
102. How to create a Runtime property for an object?
103. How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in QTP ?
104. What is the use of Text output value in QTP?
105. Have you ever written a compiled module? If yes tell me about some of the features.
106. I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use SystemUtil.Run command as well How do I do this?
107. What is the command in QTP to invoke IE Browser?
108. How to execute QTP script from command prompt?
109. How We will count the total number of web Links on a Page?
110. How you will creat a object in VB Script?
111. What is the difference between TSL & VBScript?
112. Write a Script if a button is enable or not?

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