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QuickTest Professional (QTP) 8.2 Tips and Tricks (1)

QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers

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QuickTest Professional (QTP) 8.2 Tips and Tricks (1)

Data Table
Two Types of data tables
Global data sheet: Accessible to all the actions
Local data sheet: Accessible to the associated action only

DataTable("Column Name",dtGlobalSheet) for Global data sheet
DataTable("Column Name",dtLocalSheet) for Local data sheet

If we change any thing in the Data Table at Run-Time the data is changed only in the run-time data table. The run-time data table is accessible only through then test result. The run-time data table can also be exported using DataTable.Export or DataTable.ExportSheet

How can I save the changes to my DataTable in the test itself?

Well QTP does not allow anything for saving the run time changes to the actual data sheet. The only work around is to share the

spreadsheet and then access it using the Excel COM Api's.

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