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QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers

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QuickTest Pro Questions Only (2)

1.List me out the short cut keys for some functionalities in the QTP....for run....etc
2.What are the challenges do we face while testing webbased applications using the automation tool QTP or any?
3.Do we get any issues if we run the testscript on different browsers?What are the options we need to st in QTP?
4.How we can add actions in the test using QTP?
5.Does QTP provides any tools for parametarization?
6.What are recovery management techniques?
7.How we can merge the object repositories?say if we have two or three object repositories then how we can merge them?is there any option in qtp to merge the object repositories?
8.What is the difference between link and hyperlink?
9.Can some one help me how to compare thevalues from one sheet to values in another sheet?suppose i have a field called temp in action1 and i also have temp in action2. i want to compare the values of those two actions sheets data table? how can i do it using descriptive programming?
10.How to do batch run in qtp? provide the steps?
11.Can we do qtp testing without creating objects in Dbject repository?can we do it completely writing code i.e in expert view only. are there any books for this?
12. In qtp,how to interact tool & application build?
13.Scenario:2 combo boxes.1st combo contains a,b,c,d.2nd combo contains 10..20,20...30,30.40,...selecting 'a' shuld display
10.....20.,'b' shld display 20.......30.......and so on.tell d script? 2.Random testing of 500 test cases in qtp?
14.How to do the batch testing using qtp?
15. What is the use of "function generator " in qtp?
16. What is environment variables?
17. What is the use of virtual object?explain?
18. Difference between wr 8.2? how to integrate with some other tools?
19. What is the function (how to do) the batch testing in test director using manual testing procedure?
20. What is a test strategy & what is the difference between test strategy & test plan?
21. What is descriptive programming when it is useful? & when to use this?
22.How to invoke any recorded script in QTP with out using RECORD & PLAYBACK CONCEPT?
23. If two text boxes are there in a "form". ....>A table contains some records which contains usernames & password....what is the script we need to write using descriptive programming QTP(simply data driven test script of qtp)?
24. Can we run the scripts of qtp 8.2 in the qtp 7.0?
25. How to capture data from images in qtp and produce them in excel sheet?
26. How to handle recovery scenario in QTP. give detailed explanation about recovery scenario..
27. How we can take data in the username field text box into variable in web application explain with example and give all functions to get data into variables
28. What are the file extensions for pre-action,shared object repository files and what is the extension for library files?
29. What are the most frequent errors you faced while executing your scripts?
30. among all the check points what is the most important check point?
31. How to write script in QTP(vbscript)...i mean with out application deployed...and how to call script1 into script2?
32. How do you handle multiple banners(at the top the page,the banner is scrolling) in a web page(donot take the name property(regular expression))
33. How do you handle XML exceptions in QTP(here it is exception,not the check point)
34. What is iteration? how it is related to test results in QTP
35. Is it possible to map an image as standard object or u've to treat as virtual? how to map an dynamic image into standard object?
36. What is the exact diff between test and component in QTP?
37. Difference between image checkpoint and bitmap checkpoint?
38. What is the descriptive.crate() in QTP?
39. What is TOM in QTP?
40. What is the abbrivation of .mtr in action repository?
41.I am new in QTP, plz tell me any books for QTP,my company is QTP,so i learn QTP
42. Tell about descriptive programming in QTP8.2?
43. Tell about automation object model(Aom) in QTP?
44. How to merge object repositories?
45. What is the command used to start the QTP from run.(start-> run)
46. What does VBS file contain...??what is VBS file?
47. What is unicoad compability?how does this makes a difference from winrunner?
48. What is the exact meaning of environment variables? what is complie module in QTP?what exactly it contains functions or actions?
49. What is compile modulein QTP?what exactly it contains functions or actions?
50. What is the exact meaning of environment variabes?
51. How to watch currnet value of an object like OK button or edit box with "agent nale:" lable. in watch expression tab
52. Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project?
53. I am begineer in QTP and i want to try the software QTP. i checked the mercury site for QTP trial version and i found QTP9.0. the thing is tht it supports windows 2000,Xp but not windows 98. and i am using windows 98 only and its not possible for me to update to windows me to get the tria version of QTP which supports windows 98 operating system.
54. Tell me the QTP advantage and disadvantges?
55. How do you configure QTP and test director?
56. How to get the column count and column name from the result set in the data base connection program?
57. Scalability testing comes under in which tool?
58. What is the difference between rational rose and QTP?which tool is better to learn?
59. How to test the mainframe application?(tell me few basic things)
60. What is throw object?
61. How will you handle the situation when object isnot captured during recors?
62. What kind of errors can be handled in QTP in real time scenario?
63. Can objects recognised without repository?
64. What is smart identification?
65. What is the differece between normal mode and fast moce?
66. In how many ways you perform batchtesting
67. What is API
68.What is the difference between action and script
69.Synchronozation types in QTP
70.Batch testing in howmany ways u perform in QTP
71. Approch for installation,comaptibility,system testing
72.user defined function in QTP
73.How you perform exception handling in QTP,what is other name for this.
74.How you call functions in QTP
75.How you connect bugzilla with QTP
76.How you sre using QTP in ur projrct you automate testscripts one by one or modukewise or all at once
78.Can we directly automate testscripts according to requirements
79.How you automate test scripts
80.What do you do if QTP doesnt recognize object,what action should be taken
81.After running scripts how you report results, there is any specific report form?
82.In object repository,two actions r there.action1 name is A.tsr, action2 name is it possible?if yes,what is the output of A+B?if no, why?
83.Anybody explain me,the concept of checkpoint declaration in the QTP mainly for the objects,pages,text and tables?
84.How to use regular expressions in QTP?give an example.
85.Take a situation when you are working with QTP,suddenly systam has crashed. so u again start the system. my que ishow can QTP directly opened when the system desktop appears?
86.Give me descriptive programming code sample flight application in QTP
87.Can you put checkpoints for moving images. to test background color and dynamic images during runtime
89.Where is the bitmap checkpoint be saved?
90.What happen in object repository(shared) if we call an existing action from an external action? and what happen in object repository(peraction) if we call an existing action from an external action?
91.How can we retrive ten rows from the data table using loop concept?
92.How to convert a string to an integer?
93.How to "turn off" QTP results after running a script?
94.Does QTP is "unicoe" compatible?
95.How to supress warnings from the "test results page"?
96.What is the extension of script and object repository files in QTP?
97.How to open any application during scripting in QTP?
98.How to retrive the property of an object in QTP?
99.How to change the run time values of a property for an object in QTP?
100.How to handle run-time errors?

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