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How to Run a Test using QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers

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How to Run a Test using QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

1 Start QuickTest and open your test.

If QuickTest is not already open, choose Start > Programs > QuickTest Professional > QuickTest Professional.

. If the Welcome window opens, click Open Existing.
. If QuickTest opens without displaying the Welcome window, choose File > Open or click the Open button.
In the Open Test dialog box, locate and select your test, then click Open.

2 Confirm that all images are saved to the test results.
QuickTest allows you to determine when to save images to the test results.

Choose Tools > Options and select the Run tab. In the Save step screen capture to test results option, select Always.

Click OK to close the Options dialog box.

3 Start running your test.

Click Run or choose Test > Run. The Run dialog box opens.
Select New run results folder. Accept the default results folder name.
Click OK to close the Run dialog box.

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