"LoadTestRunner -r" to Generate Load Test Report


How to use SoapUI "LoadTestRunner -r" command option to generate load test reports?

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If you want to get a load test result report, you can use the SoapUI "LoadTestRunner -r" command option as shown below:

C:\fyicenter>\fyicenter\SoapUI\bin\LoadTestRunner.bat -r Google-vs-Bing-soapui.xml

21:51:53,565 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest 1] progress: 0.96666664, 1
21:51:54,565 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest 1] finished with status FINISHED
21:51:54,565 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exporting log and statistics for LoadTest [LoadTest 1]
21:51:54,625 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 2 log items to [LoadTest_1-log.txt]
21:51:54,625 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 0 error results
21:51:54,643 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 3 statistics to [LoadTest_1-statistics.txt]
21:51:54,644 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] SoapUI suite [TestSuite 1] finished in 33115ms

Open LoadTest_1-log.txt to see Load Test log entries:

C:\fyicenter>type LoadTest_1-log.txt

21:51:21,Message,,"LoadTest started at Thu Feb 01 21:51:21 EST 2018"
21:51:53,Message,,"LoadTest ended at Thu Feb 01 21:51:53 EST 2018"

Open LoadTest_1-log.txt to see Load Test result:

C:\fyicenter>type LoadTest_1-statistics.txt

Test Step,min,max,avg,last,cnt,tps,bytes,bps,err,rat
Google Home,133,4062,1076.66,1474,30,0.93,391526,12214,0,0
Bing Home,508,3957,1245.86,926,30,0.93,3102865,96801,0,0


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