JSON Extractor - Capture JSON Data


How to use JSON Extractor to capture data from JSON message in JMeter?

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The JSON Extractor allows you to capture data with a JSON expression match. If a match is found, the matched data is capture in a given variable.

You can follow this tutorial to see how JSON Extractor works.

1. Copy and create a Test Plan called Azure-Echo-API-JSON-3.jmx.

2.Add a JSON Extractor to "Post a Valid JSON" sampler with the following JSON expression which looks for the content of "Name" property of the "TestRun" object:

Reference Name: TestRunName
JSON Path Expression: $['TestRun']['Name']
Match No.: 1
Default Value: 

3. Add a Debug PostProcessor after the JSON Extractor to "Post a Valid JSON" sampler.

3. Run the test plan with a Debug PostProcessor and open the "View Results Tree" listener.

4. Check the output of Debug PostProcessor under "Post a Valid JSON". You see the JSON data captured in "TestRunName" as "First Run".

The picture below shows you how to capture JSON data with a JSON Extractor:

JSON Extractor - Capture JSON Data
JSON Extractor - Capture JSON Data


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