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Why are there Bugs?

Why are there Bugs in Software?

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Why are there Bugs?

Since humans design and program hardware and software, mistakes are inevitable. That's what computer and software vendors tell us, and it's partly true. What they don't say is that software is buggier than it has to be. Why? Because time is money, especially in the software industry. This is how bugs are born: a software or hardware company sees a business opportunity and starts building a product to take advantage of that. Long before development is finished, the company announces that the product is on the way. Because the public is (the company hopes) now anxiously awaiting this product, the marketing department fights to get the goods out the door before that deadline, all the while pressuring the software engineers to add more and more features. Shareholders and venture capitalists clamor for quick delivery because that's when the company will see the biggest surge in sales. Meanwhile, the quality-assurance division has to battle for sufficient bug-testing time.

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