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Priority levels:

Why are there Bugs in Software?

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Priority levels:

  • Now: drop everything and take care of it as soon as you see this (usually for blocking bugs)
  • P1: fix before next build to test
  • P2: fix before final release
  • P3: we probably won’t get to these, but we want to track them anyway

  1. Must fix as soon as possible. Bug is blocking further progress in this area.
  2. Should fix soon, before product release.
  3. Fix if time; somewhat trivial. May be postponed.

  • High: This has a major impact on the customer. This must be fixed immediately.
  • Medium: This has a major impact on the customer. The problem should be fixed before release of the current version in development, or a patch must be issued if possible.
  • Low: This has a minor impact on the customer. The flaw should be fixed if there is time, but it can be deferred until the next release.

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