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What Difference Between Severity and Priority

Why are there Bugs in Software?

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What Difference Between Severity and Priority

Priority is Relative: the priority might change over time. Perhaps a bug initially deemed P1 becomes rated as P2 or even a P3 as the schedule draws closer to the release and as the test team finds even more heinous errors. Priority is a subjective evaluation of how important an issue is, given other tasks in the queue and the current schedule. Itís relative. It shifts over time. And itís a business decision.

Severity is an absolute: itís an assessment of the impact of the bug without regard to other work in the queue or the current schedule. The only reason severity should change is if we have new information that causes us to re-evaluate our assessment. If it was a high severity issue when I entered it, itís still a high severity issue when itís deferred to the next release. The severity hasnít changed just because weíve run out of time. The priority changed.

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