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Believe Defect-Free Software is Possible

Why are there Bugs in Software?

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Believe Defect-Free Software is Possible

The average engineer acts as though defects are inevitable. Sure, they try to write good code, but when a defect is found, it's not a surprise. No big deal, just add it to the list of bugs to fix. Bugs in other people's code are no surprise either. Because typical engineers view bugs as normal, they aren't focused on preventing them.

The defect-free engineers, on the other hand, expect their code to have no defects. When a (rare) bug is found, they are very embarrassed and horrified. When they encounter bugs in other people's code, they are disgusted. Because the defect-free engineers view a bug as a public disgrace, they are very motived to do whatever it takes to prevent all bugs.

In short, the defect-free engineers, who believe defect-free software is possible, have vastly lower defect rates than the typical engineer, who believes bugs are a natural part of programming. The defect-free engineers have a markedly higher productivity.

In software quality, you get what you believe in!

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