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How to Build the Plan - Share the plan

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How to Build the Plan - Share the plan

5. Share the plan.

  • Ways to Share
    • Engage designers and stakeholders in the test planning process.
    • Actively solicit opinions about the test plan.
    • Do everything possible to help the developers succeed.
    • Help the developers understand how what they do impacts testing.
    • Talk to technical writers and technical support people about sharing quality information.
    • Get designers and developers to review and approve all reference materials.
    • Record and reinforce agreements.
    • Get people to review the plan in pieces.
    • Improve reviewability by minimizing unnecessary text in test plan documents.
  • Goals
    • Common understanding of the test process.
    • Common commitment to the test process.
    • Reasonable participation in the test process.
    • Management has reasonable expectations about the test process.
  • Status Check
    • Is the project team paying attention to the test plan?
    • Does the project team, especially first line management, understand the role of the test team?
    • Does the project team feel that the test team has the best interests of the project at heart?
    • Is there an adversarial or constructive relationship between the test team and the rest of the project?
    • Does any member of the project team feel that the testers are “off on a tangent” rather than focused on important testing tasks?

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