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How to Build the Plan - Design test strategies

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How to Build the Plan - Design test strategies

3. Design test strategies.

  • General Strategies
    • Domain testing (including boundaries)
    • User testing
    • Stress testing
    • Regression testing
    • Sequence testing
    • State testing
    • Specification-based testing
    • Structural testing (e.g. unit testing)
  • Ways to Plan
    • Match strategies to risks and product areas.
    • Visualize specific and practical strategies.
    • Look for automation opportunities.
    • Prototype test probes and harnesses.
    • Donít overplan. Let testers use their brains.
  • Possible Work Products
    • Itemized statement of each test strategy chosen and how it will be applied.
    • Risk/task matrix.
    • List of issues or challenges inherent in the chosen strategies.
    • Advisory of poorly covered parts of the product.
    • Test cases (if required)
  • Status Check
    • Do designers concur with the test strategy?
    • Has the strategy made use of every available resource and helper?
    • Is the test strategy too generic could it just as easily apply to any product?
    • Will the strategy reveal all important problems?

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