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How to Build the Plan - Analyze product risk

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How to Build the Plan - Analyze product risk

2. Analyze product risk.

  • What to Analyze
    • Threats
    • Product vulnerabilities
    • Failure modes
    • Victim impact
  • Ways to Analyze
    • Review requirements and specifications.
    • Review problem occurrences.
    • Interview designers and users.
    • Review product against risk heuristics and quality criteria categories.
    • Identify general fault/failure patterns.
  • Possible Work Products
    • Component risk matrices
    • Failure mode outline
  • Status Check
    • Do the designers and users concur with the risk analysis?
    • Will you be able to detect all significant kinds of problems, should they occur during testing?
    • Do you know where to focus testing effort for maximum effectiveness?
    • Can the designers do anything to make important problems easier to detect, or less likely to occur?
    • How will you discover if your risk analysis is accurate?

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