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How to Build the Plan - Plan logistics

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How to Build the Plan - Plan logistics

4. Plan logistics.

  • Logistical Areas
    • Test effort estimation and scheduling
    • Testability engineering
    • Test team staffing (right skills)
    • Tester training and supervision
    • Tester task assignments
    • Product information gathering and management
    • Project meetings, communication, and coordination
    • Relations with all other project functions, including development
    • Test platform acquisition and configuration
  • Possible Work Products
    • Issues list
    • Project risk analysis
    • Responsibility matrix
    • Test schedule
    • Agreements and protocols
    • Test tools and automation
    • Stubbing and simulation needs
    • Test suite management and maintenance
    • Build and transmittal protocol
    • Test cycle administration
    • Problem reporting system and protocol
    • Test status reporting protocol
    • Code freeze and incremental testing
    • Pressure management in end game
    • Sign-off protocol
    • Evaluation of test effectiveness
  • Status Check
    • Do the logistics of the project support the test strategy?
    • Are there any problems that block testing?
    • Are the logistics and strategy adaptable in the face of foreseeable problems?
    • Can you start testing now and sort out the rest of the issues later?

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