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How to Build the Plan - Analyze the product

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How to Build the Plan - Analyze the product

1. Analyze the product.

  • What to Analyze
    • Users (who they are and what they do)
    • Operations (what itís used for)
    • Product Structure (code, files, etc.)
    • Product Functions (what it does)
    • Product Data (input, output, states, etc.)
    • Platforms (external hardware and software)
  • Ways to Analyze
    • Perform product/prototype walkthrough.
    • Review product and project documentation.
    • Interview designers and users.
    • Compare w/similar products.
  • Possible Work Products
    • Product coverage outline
    • Annotated specifications
    • Product Issue list
  • Status Check
    • Do designers approve of the product coverage outline?
    • Do designers think you understand the product?
    • Can you visualize the product and predict behavior?
    • Are you able to produce test data (input and results)?
    • Can you configure and operate the product?
    • Do you understand how the product will be used?
    • Are you aware of gaps or inconsistencies in the design?
    • Do you have remaining questions regarding the product?

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