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Why was my bug marked WONTFIX?

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Why was my bug marked WONTFIX?

A. Camino’s goal is to be lightweight and easy to use. That means that it can’t include every feature that is ever requested. Invariably, some people will be unhappy with the decisions that are made regarding which features aren’t included, but strong leadership is necessary to keep Camino true to its vision. WONTFIX decisions are made by the Camino lead, are made for good reason (even if not explained in the bug), and as such are final. Do not complain or argue in a bug that has been marked WONTFIX. Unless you have new, compelling information to add, do not comment in the bug. Please remember that “x people I talked to said this is really important” is not compelling information. Unless you have have done a statistically valid sample of Camino’s entire target user base (and neither Bugzilla nor online forums are representative samples), you aren’t going to convince anyone.

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