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Camino keeps displaying the “spinning beachball” and does not respond.

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Camino keeps displaying the “spinning beachball” and does not respond.

A. Camino has entered a “hung” state; the only way to end this state is to “force quit” Camino. If you can reproduce the situation, file a bug. Be sure to set the severity to “critical”, add “hang” in the keyword field, and have the following things handy: the URL on which the hang occurred (if the hang was browsing-related), detailed steps to reproduce the hang (if some action was required), and a sample of Camino while it is in the hung state.
Before you force quit Camino, open the Activity Monitor application located in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder. On launch, the application should display a window listing various “processes” that are running on your Mac. Select Camino from the list and then click the “Inspect” button. In the window that opens, click the “Sample” button; this will generate a log that will help the developers determine why Camino entered the hung state. When the sample is complete, save the file; you may now close the sample window and force quit Camino.
After you have filed your initial bug report, attach the sample file to the bug using the “Create a New Attachment” link. Please do not paste samples into the “Comments” field of the bug report.

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