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Camino crashed! What do I do now?

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Camino crashed! What do I do now?

A. If you can reproduce the crash, file a bug. When reporting a crashing bug, be sure to set the severity to “critical”, add “crash” in the keyword field, and have the following things handy: the URL on which the crash occurred (if the crash was browsing-related), detailed steps to reproduce the crash (if some action was required), and a crash log.
Mac OS X ships with a very helpful tool called Crash Reporter. When Camino crashes and you see a dialog stating “The application Camino has unexpectedly quit”, click the “Submit Report…” button. Copy the entire contents of the “Crash Report:” text field into a new plain-text document (in TextEdit, create a new document and choose Make Plain Text from the Format menu). Once you have saved the text file, you can dismiss the Crash Report dialog. Note: The wording of the dialogs varies slightly between major Mac OS X versions.
If the “The application Camino has unexpectedly quit” dialog fails to appear, you have most likely disabled Crash Reporter and you will have to extract the crash log from the system’s crash logs manually.
After you have filed your initial bug report, attach the file containing the crash log to the bug using the “Create a New Attachment” link. Please do not paste crash reports into the “Comments” field of the bug report.
In addition to taking these steps to obtain the crash report, you should let the Talkback application run and file a report with; this report is used to aggregate crash data and often helps identify causes of crashes that are otherwise not reproducible.

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