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4. Bugzilla Components

  • Administration of a bugzilla:
    (editcomponents.cgi, editgroups.cgi, editkeywords.cgi, editparams.cgi, editproducts.cgi, editusers.cgi, editversions.cgi, and sanitycheck.cgi.)
  • Bugzilla-General: (Creating/Changing Bugs, Creating, changing, and viewing bugs. enter_bug.cgi, post_bug.cgi, show_bug.cgi and process_bug.cgi.)
  • The bugzilla documentation
  • Email, Anything to do with email sent by Bugzilla. processmail
  • The installation process of Bugzilla
  • Query/Buglist, Anything to do with searching for bugs and viewing the buglists. query.cgi and buglist.cgi
  • Reporting/Charting, Getting reports from Bugzilla. reports.cgi and duplicates.cgi
  • User Accounts, Anything about managing a user account from the user's perspective. userprefs.cgi, saved queries, creating accounts, changing passwords, logging in, etc.
  • User Interface, General issues having to do with the user interface cosmetics (not functionality) including cosmetic issues, HTML templates, etc.

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