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There’s a problem with a page that requires a login.

Bugzilla FAQ

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There’s a problem with a page that requires a login.

A. In most cases the Camino developers and bug triage team members won’t have access to the site in question. However, there are still ways to generate a bug report that will allow the Camino team to assess the problem and hopefully fix it. When you are on the problematic page, take a screenshot (be sure to obscure any personal or confidential information before attaching the screenshot to your bug); a screenshot is most useful for situations where the page does not display properly.
After taking a screenshot, choose Save As… from the File menu and then select HTML Complete from the Format: drop-down menu at the bottom of the Save dialog. This will save a copy of the page and a folder containing all of the files referenced by that page (if the page is saved as my_page.html, the folder will be called my_page Files). If the page displayed any personal or confidential information (like a password or an account number), drag the saved .html file onto TextEdit and replace that information with a string of X or other characters. Be careful not to edit any of the HTML. It’s probably a good idea to check all of the associated files in the folder to make sure none of them contain personal information, either.
When you’re sure there’s no personal information remaining, select both the folder and the .html file in the Finder, ctrl-click, and choose Create Archive of 2 items from the Finder’s context menu. After you file your bug report, attach this archive and the screenshot (if needed) to the bug using the “Create a New Attachment” link. Make sure to include the URL to the page (again, removing any personal information that might be contained in the URL) in your bug report for reference.

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