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Red Hat Bugzilla - How do I enter a bug?

Bugzilla FAQ

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2. Red Hat Bugzilla - How do I enter a bug?

To enter a bug, select Enter a new bug from the main bugzilla page. This will take you to a product selection screen.
From this screen you select the product that you wish to enter a bug for, by selecting the hightlighted product name. This will take you to a bug entry screen.
Example: Red Hat Linux
From the bug entry screen, you need to select the version of the product that you are entering a bug on, along with which component of the product that is having a problem. Components are based on the source rpm that the offending binary rpm is derived from. To find the proper component do you can use one of two common methods:
$ rpm -qip 'binary rpm name'
This should work fine if you already know which rpm the failing binary belongs to.
$ rpm -qif /failing/binary
This will tell you which rpm the binary belongs to and also the source rpm.
After using one of the above methods look for a line that says Source RPM: This is the name of the component you should choose from the list of components in Bugzilla. If still unsure of which component to choose or you are filing a bug to request a new component be added to Bugzilla itself, then choose distribution.
Example: 5.2 and acm
Next, select the Severity of your bug.
Example: Normal.
Then you will select which Architecture your bug occurs on.
Example: If you are using an Intel x86 platform, you will choose i386.
The Cc: field can be used to add someone to the carbon-copy list for all email related to this bug. As the reporter of the bug, you will automatically be copied on any mail, so you do not need to add yourself to this.
Enter a one line description of the bug into the Summary field, and the full description of the bug into the Description field.

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