Azure SQL Database Related Terminology


Azure SQL Database Related Terminology:

DTU - DTU (Database Transaction Unit) is a unit of measure of mixed resources of CPU, Memory and IO used to support Azure SQL database. The actual computing power provided by each DTU is based on your SQL database service tier. For example, at the "Standard" tier, each DTU will provide you a throughput of 2.5 IOPS (I/O Operations Per Second) and a latency of 5 ms to read and 10 ms to write.

IOPS - IOPS (I/O Operations Per Second) is a measurement on how fast a data storage device can perform read and write operations. IOPS is not a throughput measurement, it only gives you the total number of I/O operations. Throughput can be estimated by multiplying IOPS with I/O block size, which is 8 KB in most cases. For example, if a transaction executed 1000 IOPS and 8 KB per operation, the throughput is 8,000 KB/sec or 8 MB/sec.

SQL - SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard language for relational database management systems.


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