Review Azure SQL Database Configuration


How is my Azure SQL Database configured?



If you have followed the previous tutorial, you can continue with this one to review your Azure SQL Database configurations.

1. Login to your Azure Web portal.

2. Search and select your resource group name "Group". You see two services have been created:

fyi-db-server - SQL server
fyi_db - SQL database

3. Click on "fyi-db-server". You see the details of the SQL Server service that supports your SQL database service.

4. Go back to the service group and click on "fyi_db". You see the details of the SQL Database service.

Server name:
Pricing tier: Standard S0: 10 DTUs

5. Scroll down and review other configurations:

Database data storage: Used space 4 MB
Transparent data encryption: Configured
Automatic tuning: Not configured.


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