"TestRunner -M" for Test Run Log Report


How to use SoapUI "TestRunner -M" command option to create a Test Run Log Report in XML format?

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If you want to get a nice test run report in XML format, you can use the SoapUI "TestRunner -M" command option as shown below:

C:\fyicenter>\fyicenter\SoapUI\bin\testrunner.bat -M -r flickr-project.xml

SoapUI 5.2.0 TestCaseRunner Summary
Time Taken: 1186ms
Total TestSuites: 1
Total TestCases: 1 (0 failed)
Total TestSteps: 2
Total Request Assertions: 0
Total Failed Assertions: 0
Total Exported Results: 0

Open the "test_case_run_log_report.xml" file in a text editor. You see a Test Run Log Report in XML format:

<con:testCaseRunLog testCase="TestCase 1" timeTaken="1609" status="FINISHED" 
 timeStamp="2018-01-28 14:02:48" xmlns:con="http://eviware.com/soapui/config">
 <con:testCaseRunLogTestStep name="flickr home" timeTaken="869" status="UNKNOWN" 
  timestamp="2018-01-28 14:02:49" endpoint="https://www.flickr.com/" 
  httpStatus="200" contentLength="48875" readTime="45" totalTime="858" 
  dnsTime="0" connectTime="688" timeToFirstByte="125" httpMethod="GET" ipAddress=""/>
 <con:testCaseRunLogTestStep name="flickr image" timeTaken="740" status="UNKNOWN" 
  timestamp="2018-01-28 14:02:50" endpoint="https://www.flickr.com/photos/hilberer/3997537815//" 
  httpStatus="200" contentLength="52730" readTime="140" totalTime="735" 
  dnsTime="0" connectTime="16" timeToFirstByte="579" httpMethod="GET" ipAddress=""/>


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