Truncate Test Case and Test Run Tables


How to Truncate Test Case and Test Run Tables? I want to remove old data and start it over from empty tables.



You can follow this tutorials to truncate Test Case and Test Run Tables.

1. Create a SQL script file, TruncateTestMan.sql:

-- TruncateTestMan.sql

use TestMan; 

truncate table Test_Run_Case_Step_Input;
truncate table Test_Run_Case_Step_Assertion;
truncate table Test_Run_Case_Step;
truncate table Test_Run_Case_Parameter;
truncate table Test_Run_Case;
truncate table Test_Run;

truncate table Test_Case_Step_Input;
truncate table Test_Case_Step_Assertion;
truncate table Test_Case_Step;
truncate table Test_Case_Reference;
truncate table Test_Case_History;
truncate table Test_Case_Parameter;
truncate table Test_Case;

2. Run TruncateTestMan.sql:

>\fyicenter\mysql\bin\mysql -u fyicenter < TruncateTestMan.sql


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