Add Custom Field to JMeter Test Result


How to Add a Custom Field to JMeter Test Result? I want to add the test plan ID to the test result table.



If you are running multiple test plans, it is a good idea to add an test plan ID field in the test result file. So you can run queries for each test plan when the results are loaded to the database.

You can follow this tutorial to define and add a new custom field to the test result.

1. Start JMeter and open "\fyicenter\First-Load-Test-5.jmx".

2. Open "Test Plan" settings and add the following to "User Defined Variables":

Name: testID
Value: 123

3. Save the test plan to "\fyicenter\First-Load-Test-6.jmx".

4. Close JMeter and start it again with the following command:

>\fyicenter\jmeter\bin\jmeter -J sample_variables=testID

5. Open "\fyicenter\First-Load-Test-6.jmx" and run it.

6. Open "\fyicenter\Test-Result.csv", you see the testID field is added in the test result file.


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