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<< Expand Cruise Reservation | Developing a Test Plan Tree >>
Lesson 3 Planning Tests
Planning Tests
After you define your requirements, you need to determine your testing
goals. Examine your application, system environment, and testing process
to outline the testing strategy for achieving your goals.
After you determine your testing goals, you build a test plan tree to
hierarchically divide your application into testing units, or subjects. For each
subject in the test plan tree, you define and design tests.
When you define steps for a test, you provide the actions to be performed
on your application, the input to be entered, and the expected output. To
increase the flexibility of a test, you can add parameters.
To keep track of the relationship between your tests and requirements, you
can add links between them. By creating these links, you can ensure
compliance with your requirements throughout the testing process.
Once you design your tests, you can decide which tests to automate. If you
choose to automate a test, you can generate a test template and then
complete it using other Mercury Interactive testing tools (for example,
WinRunner, QuickTest Professional, or Astra QuickTest).
In this lesson, you will learn about:
Developing a Test Plan Tree
Designing Test Steps
Copying Test Steps
Calling Tests with Parameters
Creating Requirements Coverage
Generating Automated Test Templates