<< Display the Design Steps tab | Open the Design Step Editor >>
<< Display the Design Steps tab | Open the Design Step Editor >>
Designing Test Steps
Lesson 3 Planning Tests
9 Display the Reqs Coverage tab.
Click the Reqs Coverage tab. In the Reqs Coverage tab you can view a list of
the requirements that are covered by the selected test. For the purpose of
this exercise, ignore this tab. You will link requirements to a test in the
"Creating Requirements Coverage" exercise on page 44.
Designing Test Steps
After you add a test to the test plan tree and define basic test information,
you define test steps--detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to execute
a test. A step includes the actions to be performed on your application, the
input to be entered, and the expected output. A step can also include
You can create test steps for both manual and automated tests. For a manual
test, you complete test planning and design once you finish creating the
steps. Using your plan, you can begin execution immediately. Automated
tests require that you create an automated test script using a Mercury
Interactive testing tool, or a custom or third-party testing tool.
In the following exercise, you will create the Cruise Booking test. This test
verifies the process of booking a cruise through the Mercury Tours site.
To design a test step:
1 Display the Test Plan module.
Click the Test Plan tab.
2 Display the Cruise Booking test.
Under the Cruise Reservation folder, select the Cruise Booking test.