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Generating Automated Test Templates
TestDirector Tutorial
Generating Automated Test Templates
Test planning involves deciding which tests to automate. If you choose to
perform tests manually, the tests are ready for execution as soon as you
define the test steps. If you choose to automate tests, you can generate test
templates and complete them using other Mercury Interactive testing tools
(for example, WinRunner, QuickTest Professional, or Astra QuickTest).
Consider the following issues when deciding whether to automate a test.
Do automate:
Tests that will run with each new version of your
application to check the stability of basic
functionality across the entire application
(regression test).
Tests that use multiple data values for the same
operation (data-driven tests).
Tests that are run many times (stress tests) and tests
that check a multi-user client/server system (load
Do not automate:
Tests that will be executed only once.
Tests that require immediate execution.
Tests that check how easy the application is to use
(usability tests).
Tests that do not have predictable results.
In the following exercise, you will generate an automated test template for
the Cruise Search test.