<< Reorder the steps | Add the requirement to the coverage grid >>
<< Reorder the steps | Add the requirement to the coverage grid >>
Creating Requirements Coverage
TestDirector Tutorial
Creating Requirements Coverage
It is essential that the tests in your test plan comply with your testing
requirements. To help ensure compliance throughout the testing process,
you can add links between your tests and requirements from the Test Plan
module and from the Requirements module.
In the Test Plan module, you create requirements coverage by selecting
requirements to link to a test. Alternatively, in the Requirements module,
you create tests coverage by selecting tests to link to a requirement. A test can
cover more than one requirement, and a requirement can be covered by
more than one test.
To further ensure compliance with your testing requirements, you can link
your tests to defects (you will do so, in "Associating Defects with Tests" on
page 86
). This helps you ensure that if a testing requirement changes, you
can immediately identify which tests and defects are affected, and who is
In the following exercises, you will create requirements coverage and tests
Linking Requirements to a Test
In the following exercise you will create requirements coverage by linking
the Cruise Booking requirement to the Cruise Booking test.
To link a requirement to a test:
1 Display the Test Plan module.
Click the Test Plan tab.
2 Display the Cruise Booking test.
Under the Cruise Reservation folder, select the Cruise Booking test.
3 Display the Reqs Coverage tab.
Click the Reqs Coverage tab.