<< Lesson 3 Planning Tests | Add a test to the test plan tree >>
<< Lesson 3 Planning Tests | Add a test to the test plan tree >>
Developing a Test Plan Tree
TestDirector Tutorial
Developing a Test Plan Tree
The typical application is too large to test as a whole. The Test Plan module
enables you to divide your application according to functionality. You
divide your application into units, or subjects, by creating a test plan tree.
This is a graphical representation of your test plan, displaying your tests
according to the hierarchical relationship of their functions. After you
define subjects in the tree, decide which tests to create for each subject and
add them to the tree.
In the Requirements module, you converted the Cruise Reservation
requirement, and its sub-requirements to subjects and tests in the test plan
tree ( see "Converting Requirements," on page 21). In the following exercise,
you will add a subject and a test to the test plan tree from the Test Plan
To develop a test plan tree:
1 Open the TestDirector_Demo project.
If the TestDirector_Demo project is not already open, log in to the project.
For more information, see "Starting TestDirector," on page 5.
2 Display the Test Plan module.
Click the Test Plan tab.
3 Add a subject folder to the test plan tree.
Select the Cruises subject folder, and click the New Folder button. The New
Folder dialog box opens.
In the Folder Name box, type
Cruise Cancellation
. Click OK. The new subject
folder appears under the Cruises subject folder in the test plan tree.